Rebuild of Panel Built PFC Equipment

A large engine manufacturing plant that had multiple failures inside their panel-built Power Factor Correction unit including welded contactor coils, heat-damaged cabling and capacitor failures. Due to the age of the equipment and the wide range of failures, it was decided that an end-of-life replacement of all components would be required.

Load tests taken on-site showed that the full 300kVAr of the original install was not required and the site would operate with a healthy power factor of only 200kVAr. As such the units were rebuilt with 4 stages of 50kVAr detuned capacitor banks utilising the existing framework.

There are 2 supplies in the Switchroom each with its own PFC section so both sets were replaced with new equipment. The reduction in the total amount of kVAr installed in each unit also allows for better access during future maintenances as the LV panel has no rear access.

All the work was carried out by one engineer over 2days without any disruption to the site.


Above – Original 300kVAr PFC Equipment


Below – New 200kVAr PFC Equipment rebuilt in LV Panel