G5/5 Harmonic Assessments

What is a G5/5 Assessment and why do we need one?

As of June 2020, the Energy Network Association introduced Engineering Recommendations G5/5 (ENA EREC G5/5). The main propose of this, is to provide design limits for harmonic voltage,  and ensure IEC compatibility limits are not exceeded when new or additional load is connected.

Due to the increasing amount of harmonic producing equipment, it is important that any load added to an existing, or load added from a new supply, does not affect other users on the network, protecting all consumers from poor electrical environments.

How we can help

PFC Engineering can provide a full G5/5 assessment including carrying out measurements of pre-existing harmonic distortion, assisting in the collection of supply information from your DNO and ultimately providing you with a full G5/5 assessment report.

Feel free to contact us to further discuss your G5/5 Harmonic project