Power Factor Correction – Components

LKT Capacitor Range

Our LKT range of Frako capacitors are made using high quality, long life metallized polypropylene along with self-healing capacitor film and overpressure disconnection.

Theses capacitors are available in a verity of kVAr outputs and Voltage ratings so please feel free to contact us regarding your specific requirements.

IMO Soft Switching Contactor Range

Ranging from 12.5kVAr up to 100kVAr, the IMO MC contactor range can be used with both reactive and non-reactive capacitor banks. The compact design includes easy Din rail mounting as well as early make contacts and damping resistors to help prolong the life of both contactor and capacitor bank.

De-tuning Reactors

Used in conjunction with the LKT 480V type capacitors can be used on sites where the harmonic distortion is above the recommend 3%VTHD to prevent further distortion when capacitors are brought into circuit.

Each reactor needs to be rated the same as the capacitor banks to prevent resonant frequencies from moving into a critical range that could have adverse effects on components and other control systems.

Please feel free to contact us for further details regarding your specific requirements.

Lovato Digital Control Relays – DCRL Range

The DCRL range of automatic Power Factor Correction controllers include a LCD display and can be expanded up to 14 stages. Additional modules can be connected for integration in BMS systems along with an Optic interface port for programming, data download and diagnostics.

DCRG Range

The DCRG range follows on with all the abilities of the DCRL controllers but with the option to connect C.Ts and voltage references for all 3 phases and neutral providing a more in depth view of not just the PFC equipment its controlling but also full details of the site load it is monitoring.

Furse Surge Protection (ESP M Series)

The Furse M Series of surge suppression is essential to protect sensitive electrical and electronic equipment connected to the electricity supply from potentially damaging transient voltage surges propagated throughout the distribution network.

This device can be installed directly into a Mains panel, into PFC equipment or custom built into its own enclosure and comes with remoted status indictor.