Active Harmonic Filter Replacement

We are contacted by an insurance business that occupies a large commercial building in central Ipswich regarding the failure of an Active Harmonic Filter on one of the LV supplies.

We already carry out the annual Power Factor maintenance on site and were familiar with the site’s electrical installation. Following a week-long Power Quality Analysis we were able to provide a quotation to supply and install 2 new 100A 4-wire Active Harmonic Filters to be wall-mounted in the same location as the failed unit. These 2 new filters were designed to go on one LV supply with the filters working in a Master/Slave configuration.


Due to the additional AHF being connected a new 4 core cable was also run to a spare switch on the LV panel and the original C.T circuit was reutilized.


All works were completed during normal working hours without the need for a shutdown.