Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring by Go Monitor

Together with our partners at Go Monitor, collecting data and monitoring your site equipment has never been easier. Now you can have continuous remote monitoring 24hr a day, 7day a week with a fully customisable IoT portal.

Energy Metering and Power Quality Monitoring

Go Monitor can provide 24/7 continuous remote monitoring of Energy Meters and Power Quality Analysers, ensuring your energy supply is optimal at all times, and proving you with real time alerts which can be raised by email and SMS to ensure swift action is taken to resolve any issues.

Live and historical data is available for:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Frequency
  • Power Factor
  • Active/Reactive/Apparent Power
  • Harmonic Distortion
  • Peak Maximum Demand

Equipment Monitoring

As well as monitoring your sites load, Go Monitor can provide continuous monitoring of specific equipment, such as Power Factor Correction and Voltage Optimisation units, ensuring your equipment performance is maintained, reacting to developing issues in a proactive way rather than a reactive way. Remote monitoring ensures minimal downtime for maintenance and repairs, optimising your energy costs and reducing wastage.

Custom Cloud Portal Solutions

Go Monitor provides customised IoT portal solutions for a variety of industries. Collecting data from different sources, and combining it to create insightful dashboard visualisations to best serve your changing business needs. The platform can interface with a wide range of 3rd party devices and machines, offering a highly flexible way of converting data to insights.

To find out more about the wide range of monitoring options available, please feel free to contact us.