Power Quality

The Cost of Poor Power Quality

The issue of poor power quality, is one that largely goes unnoticed.  Often, the consequences of poor power quality can be blamed on hardware and software issues, and relationships between clients and suppliers can sour over disagreements about who is at fault (and most likely who’s picking up the bill).

The whole time, there could be a frequent power quality event occurring that causes hardware or software to malfunction, and any efforts to remedy the problem without consideration for the electrical supply will be wasted the next time the same type of event happens again.

This can all be very costly:

  • Loss of supply due to frequent tripping of breakers.
  • Wasted products and materials, due to malfunctioning process control components (eg. misfiring sensors).
  • Production downtime to carry out repeat repairs or restarts.
  • Replacement parts and components with continued repeat failure.
  • Critical experiments ruined due to anomalies and damaged equipment.
  • Soured relationships between key suppliers and customers that result from the above.

These are to name just a few of the potential problems associated with no consideration for power quality. We have seen many more, but in most cases, the cost of mitigation is very small compared to the overall cost of the problem.

Popular Solutions

Surge Protection

External Voltage events can damage sensitive electronic equipment. Capture them before they can do any harm with high quality surge protection.

Active Harmonic Filtration

Tackle troubling levels of harmonics and meet G5/5 recommendation limits with active filters that can target individual harmonics

Voltage Conditioners

Replace flicker, dips and disruptions with smooth, stable and balanced by installing dedicated conditioners.
Provide the perfect environment for your most critical equipment.

How We Can Help

Power Quality projects come in all shapes and sizes; here are some of the ways we help our customers get to the bottom of their issues:

  1. Telephone Consultation:
    Sometimes it’s great to be able to schedule a call with one of our PQ experts and get to the bottom of something quickly and easily. With over 40-years of experience in power quality problem solving – making an initial call may be the only thing you need.
  2. One-Day Analysis:
    If the problem you’re facing is frequent enough, we can deploy one of our engineers to attend site, equipment in hand, to set up and troubleshoot power quality issues in person. Any findings will be recorded and documented in a report and subsequent recommendations will be made on how to rectify the problem.
  3. Week-long Analysis:  [MOST POPULAR]
    This is our most comprehensive power quality service; useful for a whole host of reasons. Whether it’s investigating patterns and events over a longer period of time, or perhaps you need to have a G5/4-1 assessment carried out to get permission for new equipment, our week-long analysis using top-end power quality analysers has you covered.
  4. Supply & Installation of Mitigation Equipment:
    Not only are we able to investigate power quality issues and make recommendations, we’re also able to supply and install the equipment to fix the issues with our in-house installation team.

Contact us on 01799 530728 or complete our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch.