Power Quality Health Check

Why should we have a Power Quality Health Check?

A Power Quality checks are usually carried out in response to a power related issue that has occurred on site however by the time a resolution has been found this problem could significantly impact production time along with damage to sites electrical equipment.

By carrying out Annual or Bi-Annual Power Quality Health checks you can keep a head of any potential issues before they effect your business.

During an initial survey we will collect information on a variety of site specific data such as:

  • Makeup of the sites load, making note of specific harmonic producing equipment such as UPSs, Inverter drives, LED lighting and more.
  • A history of the sites infrastructure over the last few years factoring in any power quality issues not previously noticed.
  • Presents of existing Harmonic Filtration installed on site
  • Presents of Power Factor Correction Equipment on site and its configuration such as standard or de-tuned capacitor stages.

Once this information is collected, one of our engineers will visit site at a time that suits you and connect a power quality analyser to your mains supply that will monitor and record over a minimum period of one week. Some of the main parameters monitored during this time include:

  • Harmonics
  • Voltage Dips & Swells
  • Voltage Transients
  • Votage Flicker

Additional parameters can be monitored on a as required basis and we can advise you on these during our initial assessment.

When the monitoring is completed we will collect the analyser and review the collected data. We will then produce a report on our findings along with any recommendations.

To find out more about arranging a Power Quality Health Check, please feel free to contact us.

Power Quality Health Check FAQs

Having an annual or bi-annual power quality health check provides the potential to prevent costly power issues that might arise from things such as installation of new equipment or site expansion.

An initial site survey is required to evaluate the makeup of the site, this can be done over the phone or in person at site. Following this a engineer will visit site to connect a power analyser to the LV supply which will be left on for a minimum of one week where upon it will be collected and the data reviewed. This will be followed up with a full report and any recommendations.