Along with our partners at GO Monitor, we recently started Phase One of metering installations for a customer at a UK Port. With 14 main supplies to monitor each with its own set of installation challenges two of our engineers spent the week getting each supply connected to its own dedicated mains meter which now can be monitored over a customised IoT web portal by the client.


With the view to expand the monitoring on each LV switchboard, space was allocated to allow for future expansion, in this case to monitor individual supplies as well as the main incomer to allow for accurate KWh readings.


Where available the new metering system was connected using existing voltage and ammeters to make use of the existing C.Ts and Voltage references allowing for installation during normal working hours without interruption to the supply. However, on the few supplies that required more intrusive works, the new metering units were installed awaiting final connections under shutdown conditions.


Below are some examples of the varied installations required around site including metering enclosures close-coupled to existing LV boards, built inside of LV panels and metering enclosures mounted externally.


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Today’s shipment of 6 x 300A Active Harmonic Filters and 3 x 360kVAr fully detuned Power Factor Correction unit have been loaded up and is on its way to our customer in Northern Ireland


After a recent company First Aid course the decision was made to buy a new public access AED (automated external defibrillator)

Not only is this excellent piece of kit available to PFC Engineering but also the local community and though we hope it will never be required we are happy that its available to anyone who needs it day or night.

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Following a site maintenance at a University in Coventry, two panel built PFC sections were found to have failing components and the original install provided little to no easy maintenance access to the tray assemblies. It was decided that an ‘End of life’ replacement would be carried out on both sections and that we would install 2 x 100kVAr SBA trays of our own design into each of the existing spaces.

All the original capacitor tray we removed along with all the cabling and control wiring. The internal framework was then adjusted along with the addition of vertical struts to attach the new SBA trays to. The copper bar that were located in the rear of the unit would be kept and the new trays connected to using lengths of flexibar.

Once these adjustments were made and the new trays fitted, the control wiring was installed along with a new 5 stage Lovato DCRL digital control relay.

The work was carried out by 1 engineer over the course of a day and a half during normal working hours with all the waste removed from site.

We were asked to carry out a Power Factor Correction service for a condiment manufacturer in Littleborough, near Manchester. Site had two main LV supplies each with its own standalone 200kVAr Power Factor Correction unit. Nether of the unit had been serviced since there original installation in 1995.

A full maintenance inspection was caried out on the units and multiple failures were found including failed capacitor banks, welded contactors, seized fans and outdated controllers. It was also noted that the Surge Protection Device in the main LV Panel on Supply 2 had failed and required replcment.

Each LV supply was looking for around 200kVAr to reach a healthy Power Factor of 0.95 inductive or greater so it was determined that rebuilding the existing units would be the most cost-effective way to get the equipment back up to full operation.

To do this we removed all the original capacitor banks and replaced them with our own 480V Frako CM tray assemblies. We also replaced all the original block contactors with new soft switching contactors to help reduce inrush currents when the capacitor banks are switched into circuit, as well as replacing the failed fans, installing new fan filter elements, and upgrading the digital control relay to a new Lovato DCRL5 controller.

The Surge Protection device was also swapped out for new making sure the supply is protected against voltage spikes.


All the works were completed in 1 day, during normal working hours without any interruption to sites operation.


Following a recent visit to a computer manufacturing site in Warwick, it was found that the existing Power Factor Correction Equipment had a multitude failures. These included, failed capacitors, contactors that had welded closed, and cables that had over heated.


Before Rebuild


The unit itself had never been maintained since its original installation, and now needed repair. It was decided that due to the age of the equipment, and lack of servicing, we would replace the existing trays with our own SBA tray assemblies. This would include all new, long life metallized polypropylene capacitors rated to 480V, new IMO soft switching contactors along with additional sub fusing and new power cables.

The digital control relay was also upgraded to a Lovato DCRL 5, providing more information regarding the PFC as well as advanced functionality over the original one installed on site.

After Rebuild


All work was done in 1 day and site were left fully operating with 400kVAr of new Power Factor Correction Equpitment and an upgraded controller.

Looking for a new challenge? Here at PFC Engineering we are looking to fill roles in both our in house manufacturing as well as our on our site services team.

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Full time positions based near Saffron Walden, Essex.

To assist in the manufacture of Energy Saving Products.

Electrical/mechanical knowledge beneficial but not essential as training provided.

Salary £ Neg (depending on experience).

Please contact PFC Engineering Ltd 01799 530728 or send a C.V to





 Full time positions required within busy maintenance & installation department providing national coverage.

Good electrical knowledge required preferably with 18th edition update.

Full application training will be provided.

Salary £ Neg. plus vehicle.

Please contact PFC Engineering Ltd 01799 530728 or send a C.V to


A recent supply & commissioning for a plastic recycling & manufacturing plant in Hampshire of two 400kVAr Master/Slave detuned Power Factor Correction units with integral door interlocking MCCBs, forced air ventilation and IP54 enclosures


We were asked to attend a large office site in central London to carry out Voltage Optimisation check along with a Thermal Imaging Survey.

Our engineer completed a full maintenance test sheet while onsite taking details regards in the type and method of installation and the unit’s overall condition, along with technical data provided from the units metering cube and collected from other on-site sources.

A thermal graphic survey was then carried out on the Voltage Optimisation unit, checking for any hot spots on the transformer along with checking the supply cables and the bypass switch.

Upon the completion of our testing, it was found that the Voltage Optimisation unit was function correctly and safely. All components were operating satisfactorily, and the thermal graphic tests showed no signs of overheating.

Following on from a recent site maintenance from one of our engineers it was found that the existing panel-built Power Factor Equipment had failed and due to the age of many of the components being over 25 years old it was recommended that a new stand along Power Factor unit be installed. Due to the LV panel having no spare 400A switches it was decided that the new PFC unit was to be connected direct to the bus bars and a new 400A fuse switch would be installed inside the new equipment. This was done during sites next a scheduled LV shutdown.

The unit was close couped to the end of the existing mains panel and connected with new cables to the busbars as well as running a new C.T cable so the unit can see the sites loads.  Once the power was restored to site the unit was commissioned and left operating.

The New Power Factor unit consists of 2 stages of 25kVAr and 3 stages of 50kVAr, controlled by a 5 stage Lovato digital control relay. Having different sized capacitor stages allows the unit to provide finer correction at lower loads and the digital controller lets site to view information regarding the health of the Power Factor along with other readings such as KW, kVAr & KVA.

Recently we were asked to visit an aggregates site in East London to carry out commissioning on this 300kVAr automatic, detuned Power Factor Correction Unit. Site had just had the mains LV panel upgraded along with the local Transformer.

The PFC unit was fully maintained by our engineer and the control relay settings were checked to make sure it was set up correctly. After a bit of a clean out and the tightening of a few loose terminals the unit was switched on and left operating satisfactorily.