Grain Store PFC Harmonic Upgrade

Following an annual maintenance check at a large grain storage and drying facility found that there are high harmonic distortion levels on the sites load and as such the standard FS200 Power Factor equipment installed was now elevating the harmonics even more. As such a replacement fully detuned FSi200 Power Factor Unit was now required.

As the units output rating stayed the same all the original power cables were able to be re-used from the standard PFC unit along with the MCCB feeding the unit. This also meant all the work could be completed during normal working hours without the need for a shutdown.

Ventilation for the unit was also installed due to the heat produced from the reactors. An over temperature safety circuit was also installed as standard to cut the power to the relay should the heat in the unit reach an unsafe level.


Above – Original Standard FS200 PFC Unit


Below – New Fully detuned FSi200 PFC Unit