New FSi400 Unit Installed At Fencing Company

After a full site load and power quality analysis, recommendations were made to this fencing manufacturer for the installation of a fully detuned Power Factor Correction unit.

This unit would be one of our new style FSi 400 Deep units and would include 8 stages of 50kVAr, each detuned by a 7% 189hZ reactor to help with harmonic distortion.

The new unit was close coupled to the main LV panel and connected directly to the bus bars due to the LV Panel having no spare ways. An 800MCCB was built into the PFC unit for isolating and fault protection.

The unit was positioned and fitted during normal working hours and then a shutdown of around 30 minutes was carried out at the end of the day for final connections keeping both install costs and disruption to the site down to a minimum.