MCCB Replacement & PFC Rebuild at Magistrates Court

Working with one of our facility providers we were asked to carry out Power Factor services at several Courts around the UK. At one of the sites, it was found that the PFC capacitor banks had failed and the main MCCB had failed internally and required replacement.

A load survey was carried out as standard while carrying out the service and it was found that the site no longer required the full 300kVAr worth of correction and that smaller, more refined capacitor banks would benefit the site.

As such, it was decided that the original 630A MCCB would be replaced and reduced in size, along with a new 100kVAr SBA tray assembly, including all new 480V rated capacitors, soft switching contactors and sub fusing.


Due to the need to replace the Power Factors main MCCB, a full shutdown was required to remove and install the new main switch. This was done after hours to minimise any disruption to site staff.

The original capacitor banks and control relay were all removed during normal working hours and the new SBA tray was installed ready for the final connections during the scheduled shutdown period.


All the old equipment was removed by us and disposed of by PFC Engineering.