Voltage Optimisation

Extend Equipment Life

The average Voltage in the UK is 242V. Higher Voltages can overburden electrical equipment, reducing life expectancy. Be in control of your Voltage with our Fixed Ratio and Dynamic Regulator options.

Financial Savings

Sites can save up to 15% of their energy consumption with Voltage Optimisation. Sites with a low power factor and low harmonic levels are ideal candidates for Voltage Optimisation.

Balanced Voltages

With Dynamic Voltage Optimisation, you can control the output Voltage to ensure they're balanced and at the optimum level for your equipment to maximize savings.

Save up to 15% in kWh Consumption

Optimising your Voltage from >240V to around 220V can save a significant amount of energy for commercial and industrial sites. To make the headline savings, you’ll need to have a high Voltage in the first place and also be operating lots of “Voltage dependent” equipment – ie equipment that changes the output based on the input Voltage. Traditional motors and chilling applications, mills, fans and even some older lighting can all benefit greatly from the installation of Voltage Optimisation. 

Load that is said to be “Voltage independent” such as inverter drives, variable speed drives and thermostatically controlled heating are types of equipment that generally won’t yield much in the way of savings. Yes, there will be some claims that it will extend life and there may even be a small amount of energy saving, but they are far from the best types of load to benefit from VO and therefore are generally discounted from any savings forecasting.

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