PFC Maintenance

Annual Maintenance

Power Factor Correction equipment should be serviced at least once per year to ensure that the capacitors within are still producing 100%. This maintains those reactive power charge savings.

We'll Do It For You!

As on-site maintenance teams become smaller, routine inspection of PFC equipment can be infrequent or not at all. We offer annual reminders with our service and can set-up long term contracts at fixed prices so it'll never be forgotten.

Call Outs

We offer an emergency call-out service which includes immediate advice over the phone and site attendance where required. Hopefully it'll never come to this; but if it happens, we can help.

Annual Servicing Protects Your Investment

In order to continue to make savings on reactive power and availability charges, we recommend servicing power factor correction equipment at least once every year, sometimes more depending on your reliability on it.

Capacitors can deteriorate over time; the dielectric inside breaks down the more they’re switched, the longer they’re in operation and the more external events they’re subjected to.¬†Therefore keeping on top of the health of your PFC equipment is important to continue to operate at an efficient power factor (>0.95) – the level at which charges will start appearing on electricity bills.

It’s even more important if your PFC equipment is detuned. Capacitor deterioration will change the tuning frequency, which can result in harmonic magnification and/or absorption and subsequently the loss of multiple capacitors in the same bank. The knock-on effect could be power quality issues that can mean other electrical equipment on site is affected.

¬†Find out how we can help take care of the annual servicing of your power factor correction equipment. As part of the service, we offer free reminders for scheduling maintenance visits so that they’re never missed – contact us to see if we’ve been to your site before and when you’re service is next due.

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