Voltage Optimisation Replacement

We were asked to investigate a possible fault with a Voltage Optimisation unit installed at a Gym south of London. The site reported that the load started to flicker and eventually the VO unit went into bypass mode increasing the voltage back to its original levels.

Upon further investigation, it was found that the L2 phase terminal on the voltage transformer had failed and caused damage to the L2 transformer winding. The unit had not been serviced since installation and we suspect a poor connection was the cause of the terminal overheating and ultimately failing.

Therefore, we  recommended a new 400A VO unit connected to the existing 400A-rated bypass device along with the removal and disposal of the failed equipment.

The work was to be done out of hours to prevent any disruption to the Gyms customers and keep downtime to a minimum. upon completion the site voltage was reduced from 429V per phase to 398V per phase, helping them save money on their electrical bills.