400kVAr Master/Slave PFC Replacement

A recent installation of 2 x 200kVAr Power Factor Correction Master – Slave units at a city centre cement works.

Following a maintenance and a full power quality survey on site, two new detuned Power Factor Correction units were quoted to replace the existing failed equipment on site. With the units being located on the 2nd floor plantroom of the cement silo both the new units were designed with extra reenforced roofing and lifting eyes so that the units could be winched up to the top via the sites service hatch.

Once the units were in position the old PFC units were removed and the new ones were connected using the same power cables are before to help keep costs down for the customer.

With the new Power Factor installed the sites PF went from 0.85 inductive to 1.

All works were carried out during normal working hours with no disruption to site.