Detuned PFC Assembly Fitted Inside of Existing LV Panel

With the high harmonic distortion levels on this site in central London the standard Power Factor equipment installed in the original LV Panel was starting to fail. As such a new detuned capacitor stage was required.

Following a survey carried out by our engineer during the original site maintenance it was determined that the amount of kVAr was sufficient however the unit required a reactor to help prevent the capacitors from increasing the THD and causing the capacitor bank to fail.


As such we installed one for our detuned PN54 50kVAr reactor assemblies which we install into our own FSi Power Factor Units. With some additional framework and some new power cables we were able to fit this tray into the existing LV Panel without the need for a shutdown or any disruption to sites supply.


Along with the new PN54 Tray we also upgraded the control relay to a new digital Lovato DCRL 5 with the capacitor stages split into 2 x 25kVAr steps



Above: Original standard capacitor assembly




Above: New Detuned PN54 Tray and Lovato DCRL 5 digital control relay.