End of Life PFC Replacement


A recent ‘End of Life’ replacement for 200kVArs worth of standard Power Factor Correction at a large car part manufacturer in Portsmouth.


During the annual site maintenance, multiple capacitor failure along with general age, wear are location of the PFC equipment, it was decided that it was time to replace the existing equipment with a new, free standing, Power Factor unit.

All the original capacitor assemblies were removed along with the panel-built relay and control circuit. The 400A MCCB in the LV panel that fed the old equipment was re-used to connect the new one. This meant that the works could be carried out safely without the need to shut the LV down.

Mounted close coupled to the end of the LV panel, the new PFC unit was wired with new 150mm tri-rated singles and the C.T circuit was re-run from the old relay to the new relay.


All the waste was removed from site and the works completed by 2 engineers within 5hrs