Detuned PFC Replacment at Plastics Manufacturer

Replacement of a failed power factor correction unit at a plastic sheet manufacturer in Hertfordshire.

The existing unit on site was in need a of replacement following a full maintenance inspection carried out by one of our engineers. Multiple capacitors and fuses had failed and the unit seemed to lack any form of annual servicing. The method of installation was also poor with the main power cable feeding the unit being run across the floor and up over a water pipe into the unit.


As such a new fully detuned FSi100 PFC unit was supplied along with its own built in isolator. The original power cable was removed and replace with 70mm singles run inside the existing trunking that run around the wall.

This FSi100 was made up of 4 stages of 25kVAr each with its own detuning reactor. The unit is then controlled by a Lovato DCRL 5 digital control relay providing instantaneous power factor readings along with other site load details such as KW, KVA, THD and weekly PF average.


All the old equipment was removed and disposed of by PFC Engineering and the new equipment was installed and operational in 1 day without any disruption to the site.