Capacitor Replacment & Upgrade at Roofing Manufacturer

Power Factor replacement at a roof tile manufacturer in Gloucestershire.

After carrying out what was possible the first maintenance of the Power Factor correction equipment in the last 40 years it was found that all the capacitor banks had failed. Each capacitor stage is 100kVAr and controlled via a old volt free control relay. It was also noted that each capacitor cubicle had no solid base and the current capacitors installed were sitting on a metal grate.

After checking the contactors were still operating satisfactorily all the original capacitor assemblies were removed and replace with 100kVAa CM capacitor tray assemblies. A new solid plate was installed in the bottom of each cubicle and secured down.

The control relay was also upgraded to a new Lovato DCRL8 and was wired in a volt free arrangement as per the original install. This volt free wiring prevents any foreign voltage’s at contactors when the capacitor bank is isolated locally at the main fuse carrier.