Power Factor Rebuild at Court House

After the completion of a full maintenance service, it was found that the Power Factor Correction equipment on site had multiple failures across all the capacitor banks and contactors. A load survey also carried out during the maintenance service showed that site no longer required the full 400kVAr that was originally installed.

As such the unit was to be stripped out and replaced with 200kVAr of standard PFC equipment on our newly designed BW50 tray assemblies.

The new trays would include 480V rated capacitors, IMO MC32 soft switching contactors with sub fusing and 100A fuses for protection.

All failed components were removed, and the internal framework was adjusted to accommodate the new BW50 trays along with reconfiguration of the control circuit and power leads.

The power factor control relay was also upgraded to a more modern Lovato DCRL8 which provides details of not only the sites power factor but also instantaneous kVAr, KW, KVA readings along with voltage, amps and THD monitoring.

All the works were completed in 1 day by 1 engineer with no disruption to site.