Power Factor Upgrade in Central London

A customer at a large office building in central London recently required a Power Factor Correction unit replacement due to the existing equipment becoming outdated and no longer fit for the sites load.

During our annual maintenance visit we carried out a load survey to determine what the site would require regarding PF correction as well as reviewing the site harmonic distortion levels (THD).

It was found that smaller capacitor stages would help with finer correction as lower loads and that the harmonic levels were above the recommended 3%-4% for operating standard equipment.

As such a new FSi100 was installed. This new unit consists of 3 capacitor stages of 25kVAr, connected  to an IMO MC32 soft switching contactor via a 189Hz detuning reactor.

The unit is then controlled by a 5 stage Lovato DCRL digital control relay.

Our engineer was able to utilise the existing power cable and C.T cable from the previous Power Factor unit and all works were carried out without disruption to site during normal working hours.