PFC Units & Active Harmonic Filters

A  very busy few months at PFC Engineering. Are workshop staff have been working tirelessly to get a multitude of order built and ready for a wide range of customers.

Firstly, 4 of our standard FS200 200kVAr Power Factor Correction units have been made for a switchgear manufacturer in the midlands. Each unit has 4 x 50kVAr capacitor banks and its own built in 400A load break switch for localised isolation. The unit have also been spec’d with a specific type of control relay at the clients request.



Another client in Bridgend has ordered 2 of our newly designed Active Harmonic Filters. Compatible with all three-phase low voltage applications this state-of-the-art unit can be used for harmonic and reactive compensation and well as flicker control, load balancing and has the option for seasonless operation. Lots more information regarding AHF will be coming to the website soon along with what harmonic solution we at PFC Engineering can offer.




And finally for a customer in Cheshire we have 6 custom FSi400 fully detuned power factor correction units in a newly designed FSi400 (Deep) cubicles which provide more flexibility regarding unit location as they don’t take up as much room as the existing FS400 design. Each unit is split into 6 capacitor stages and has its own local isolation of either a load break switch or MCCB depending on install requirements.

Along with these PFC units we have also built 4 300Amp Active Harmonic Filters each with its own load beak switch and custom ventilation. Lots more information about theses AHF will be coming soon but if you want to find out more please feel free to contact us.





Well done to Richard and Aaron for all their hard work and a big thank you to the rest the workshop staff who have helped put all this together.