Remote Monitoring Install

Along with our partners at GO Monitor, we recently started Phase One of metering installations for a customer at a UK Port. With 14 main supplies to monitor each with its own set of installation challenges two of our engineers spent the week getting each supply connected to its own dedicated mains meter which now can be monitored over a customised IoT web portal by the client.


With the view to expand the monitoring on each LV switchboard, space was allocated to allow for future expansion, in this case to monitor individual supplies as well as the main incomer to allow for accurate KWh readings.


Where available the new metering system was connected using existing voltage and ammeters to make use of the existing C.Ts and Voltage references allowing for installation during normal working hours without interruption to the supply. However, on the few supplies that required more intrusive works, the new metering units were installed awaiting final connections under shutdown conditions.


Below are some examples of the varied installations required around site including metering enclosures close-coupled to existing LV boards, built inside of LV panels and metering enclosures mounted externally.


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