PFC Panel Full Rebuild

Following a site maintenance at a University in Coventry, two panel built PFC sections were found to have failing components and the original install provided little to no easy maintenance access to the tray assemblies. It was decided that an ‘End of life’ replacement would be carried out on both sections and that we would install 2 x 100kVAr SBA trays of our own design into each of the existing spaces.

All the original capacitor tray we removed along with all the cabling and control wiring. The internal framework was then adjusted along with the addition of vertical struts to attach the new SBA trays to. The copper bar that were located in the rear of the unit would be kept and the new trays connected to using lengths of flexibar.

Once these adjustments were made and the new trays fitted, the control wiring was installed along with a new 5 stage Lovato DCRL digital control relay.

The work was carried out by 1 engineer over the course of a day and a half during normal working hours with all the waste removed from site.